Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIIST) in Chungbuk National University (CBNU) located in the center of South Korea, was found in 1985 with the missions of enhancing the efficiency of the education and research investment in all industrial fields by developing the advanced science and technology.

With the goal of becoming a world-class research university, CBNU is working hard to pioneer of the University-Industry collaborations. Thus CBNU-RIIST performs the key role research activities to accomplish the CBNU’s University-Industry collaborations.

Contributing to the development of the industrial science and technology, CBNU-RIIST carries out many education and research activities; the cultivating of excellent human resources, the workshops and seminars for advanced industrial technology, the publication of the collected research papers, the certified technological consultants and the university-industry collaboration research projects. Through these activities, the total amount of research fund exceed more than 2 billion won per year in recent years.

Using this research fund, CBNU-RIIST gives all the administrative supports to the researchers to do their best in their research works such as the financial supports in the preparation of research proposals and contribution of research papers to the academic societies, additionally financial and administrative supports in hosting of domestic or international academic events.

Finally, all the visitors to CBNU-RIIST would be greatly appreciated, and any comments, interests, encouragements with regard to CBNU-RIIST would also be greatly appreciated.

Professor Hang-Bae Jeon
Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIIST)